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A Pinch of Chaos - Sinai

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The band will release its 1st full length album on April 1st

Philadelphia, PA / Los Angeles, CA (February 27, 2012) – The rock band SINAI announced today via their website that a debut album is finally in the works and is being prepared for release. Comprised of lead singer Walt Lafty, lead guitarist and bassist Nick Perri, and drummer Shane Rozum, SINAI formed in 2010 marking the professional reunion of Perri and Lafty after a nearly five-year hiatus from their previous band, Silvertide.

“The truth is we worked very hard on writing and recording for over a year”, said Perri. “We are incredibly proud of the music we created, and we want to share it with people, plain and simple.”

This has been a busy year for SINAI’s members, which saw a lot of new ventures and creative avenues. “We all started doing a lot of other things, and diversifying our artistic reaches, but the intention has always been to release an album when the time was right”, said Perri this morning, “and that time is now.”

The band wrote and recorded over 20 songs from 2010 to 2011, and at least half of that material will make its way on the new disc. According to Lafty: “We had songs done before the band was even official. There is so much music floating around it was an obvious decision to start putting some of it out.”

For Perri this marks a monumental occasion. “Technically speaking, this is the 1st album of my original material that will see the light of day since Silvertide’s Show & Tell. It’s a really big deal. I’m very proud of the songwriter and player I’ve become. I moved back to Philadelphia at that time to play with my best friends, and create something organic and real. We had a blast and I put my all into it. To finally release this record and put it into the universe will be very rewarding.”

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